Vervaardig deur – Bottom Line Entertainment
Na-produksie Behartig;
DIT, Na-Produksie Koordinering & Aanlyn Redigering – Johan Cronje
Kleurversorging – Eduan Kitching

Een plaas. Een familie. Een bloedlyn. Sewe geslagte. 158 jaar.

Donkerland is die derde dramareeks in Deon Opperman se Afrikaner-trilogie, waarvan Kruispad en Hartland die eerste en tweede dele gevorm het.

Die verhaal speel hom af op die plaas Donkerland in die berge van Natal naby Weenen en strek oor ‘n periode van 158 jaar, vanaf 1838 tot en met 1996. Ons volg die stryd om oorlewing van sewe geslagte van die De Witt familie – vanaf die eerste vestiging van die plaas in 1838 deur 158 jaar se gebeure en geslagte tot en met 1996.

With Kruispad and Donkerland, Deon Opperman established himself as the leading creator of epic Afrikaans drama series, specifically when it comes to the portrayal of everyday people against the backdrop of the ever changing socio-political lanscape of the era in which they live.  In this way  his characters are repeatedly forced to make important life decision that have a vast impact on their futures and personal relationships by forces beyond their controlle. Bloedbroers is Opperman’s latest epic drama and is set during a incredibly tumultuous period of the Afrikaner’s development between 1914 and 1948. The storie follows the lives of four young men – Willem, P.G., Gerhard and Bennie – poor white miners who become involved in the 1914 Rebellion by chance. When the Rebellion is unseccessful, the four young men find themselves at a crossroads – do they continue as before, or do they fight for freedom and a better future. They make the choice to fight, but each in his own way – Bennie through the church and politics, Willem through radical resistance, P.G.  by means of the written word, and Gerhard through the trade unions.  There and then they decide to cut open their hands and swear a pact to be blood brothers untill the end. We follow their lives  and see how each one falls in love and starts their own family, survive through the chaos of the 1922 mine workers’ rebellion, the depression of the 1930s, the uncertain times durig World War II and the build-up to the infamous 1948 election. But to share blood and swear yourselves to be blood brothers is one thing. To honour that oath through all the twists and turns of life is something completely different, especially when your life choice stand in stark contrast to the that of your blood brother.

Bloedbroers  is a magnificent period drama that presents the dramatic events from an almost forgotten era in our history as if it happened yesterday. There has not been an Afrikaans drama presented in recent years with such magnificent set and costume design, excellent direction, and performances of such high standard by our country’s best actors and actrices.